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His integrity, knowledge of the law, and impartial approach have served Texas well.

Governor of Texas, Greg Abbott

Jeff Boyd has been an exceptional Justice on the Texas Supreme Court. His legal expertise is second to none, and I am pleased to endorse his re-election campaign.

Former Governor of Texas, Rick Perry

I have worked alongside Justice Jeff Boyd and his commitment to conservative justice is unmatched. His values as a family man and his ethics as a principled leader will continue to serve Texans well. I am honored to endorse Justice Boyd’s campaign for reelection to the Texas Supreme Court.

U.S. Senator John Cornyn

I know Justice Boyd to be a principled leader who is dedicated to preserving the rule of law. It is my honor to endorse Justice Jeff Boyd’s reelection to the Texas Supreme Court.

U.S. Senator Ted Cruz

Justice Jeff Boyd has been rock-solid on our bedrock principles that have and will be the foundation of America, protecting our liberty, prosperity and security! I am proud to give him my wholehearted support. I hope you will too!

U.S. Congressman Randy Weber

Justice Boyd is one of the finest public servants - and more, human beings - I have had the honor of working with. The integrity and thoughtfulness with which he approaches his work on the Texas Supreme Court is a model for all and I am proud to endorse him for re-election.

U.S. Congressman Chip Roy

Boyd is a strong judicial conservative and I'm proud to endorse his re-election to the Texas Supreme Court.

U.S. Congressman Pete Olson

“Justice Jeff Boyd is a principled conservative judge who serves our state well on the Texas Supreme Court. He is a distinguished jurist who interprets the law as written and stands firm on the Texas Constitution. I am proud to endorse his re-election to the Texas Supreme Court.”

Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick

Join me in supporting Justice Jeff Boyd for re-election, as he has a strong record serving on our highest court and is an individual with the honesty, integrity and character that we need to keep on the Texas Supreme Court.

Glenn Hegar, Texas Comptroller

During his first full term on the Texas Supreme Court, Justice Boyd served Texas well. I am proud to endorse him for re-election.

Mark Dunham, State Republican Executive Committee Member

Justice Jeff Boyd has served Texas well during his six years on its Supreme Court. His record reflects his exceptional legal ability and deep personal commitment to fair and evenhanded justice for all. I am honored to endorse him for re-election.

Honorable Phil Johnson, Former Texas Supreme Court Justice

Justice Boyd is doing an outstanding job on the Court. He should be re-elected.

Honorable Raul A. Gonzalez, Former Texas Supreme Court Justice

Justice Boyd is learned in the law. He has served Texas and the Supreme Court with great honor and intellect. I recommend all Texans to help re-elect him to the Texas Supreme Court.

Honorable David Medina, Former Texas Supreme Court Justice

Justice Boyd is the model for what a judge should be--smart, hardworking, and keenly aware that the law must be applied as written, not legislated from the bench. A devoted family man, community leader and outstanding jurist, Jeff has earned our trust—and our vote.

Honorable Harriet O’Neill, Former Texas Supreme Court Justice

The work of the Texas Supreme Court requires expertise, not partisanship. Over the last six years, Justice Jeff Boyd has shown he has the legal insight, work ethic, and independent judgment needed to perform that work faithfully on behalf of all Texans.

Honorable Scott Brister, Former Texas Supreme Court Justice

Without reservation, I'm happy to endorse Justice Jeff Boyd for re-election and support his re-election campaign.

Honorable Dale Wainwright, Former Texas Supreme Court Justice

I've known Jeff for a number of years. I'm pleased he committed himself to public service as Justice on our Texas Supreme Court. Texas is well-served.

Craig Enoch, Former Texas Supreme Court Justice

“Justice Boyd has shown Texas his commitment to faithfully upholding our state and federal Constitutions and the laws. I whole-heartedly support his re-election to the Texas Supreme Court.”

Christi Craddick, Chair of the Railroad Commission of Texas
Dr. Brian Babin

US Congressman

John Carter

US Congressman

John Culberson

Former US Congressman

Lance Gooden

US Congressman

Michael McCaul

US Congressman

Alberto Gonzalez

Former Justice
Texas Supreme Court

Deborah Hankinson

Former Justice
Texas Supreme Court

Wallace Jefferson

Former Chief Justice
Texas Supreme Court

Tom Phillips

Former Justice
Texas Supreme Court

Ken Paxton

Texas Attorney General

George P. Bush

Texas Land Commissioner

Wayne Christian

Texas Railroad Commissioner

Sid Miller

Texas Agriculture Commissioner

Donna Campbell

Texas State Senator

Robert Nichols

Texas State Senator

Angela Paxton

Texas State Senator

Marvin Clede

State Executive Committee Member

Jan Duncan

State Executive Committee Member

Linda Kinney

State Executive Committee Member

Roy Morales

State Executive Committee Member

Carla Sisk

State Executive Committee Member

Fernando Trevino

State Executive Committee Member

Nita Davidson

State Executive Committee Member

David Halvorson

State Executive Committee Member

Robert Kecseg

State Executive Committee Member

Rhonda Lacy

State Executive Committee Member

Mike McCloskey

State Executive Committee Member

Judy Parada

State Executive Committee Member

Theresa Kosmoski

Former TFRW President
Current NFRW Board Member

Morgan Graham

State Executive Committee Member

Join your fellow Texans in endorsing Justice Jeff Boyd!

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